New exhibition opens on April 12!

Chirag Bangdel has new works at his art exhibition at Tings Kathmandu. Opening on 12 April 2019.
Click this invitation for updates

We call the exhibion A Celebration

We really looked forward to the opening of our solo exhibition with Chirag Bangdel in February 2017. But due to unforseen circumstances we were forced to cancel – or postpone – the exhibition.

But, everything is good for something… 2019 turns out to be a year of celebration in our life…

10 years ago we arrived in Kathmandu.

10 years ago, we got our first 3 Nepalese friends.
One of them Chirag Bangel

10 years ago, we bought our first Nepalese Art Work
A piece by Chirag Bangel 🙂

10 years later we are still friends and are surrounded by his works in Kathmandu & in Lisbon, where we have a room dedicated to him.

10 years later we open our first solo exhibition
with works by Chirag Bangdel.

This will be our 25th Tings Art event, and later this year we have our 25 Anniversary 🙂

10 years ago…

That calls for a party…

Galleries do Inaugurations.

But we are not a gallery, so we don’t.

As all of you, who have been to our previous openings, know we open our exhibitions with a small party.

We stick to this tradition and are looking forward to see old, new and future friends for A Celebration at Tings Kathmandu – with drinks & snacks, music and Chirag Bangdel’s beautiful art.

Follow our updates about the evening on Facebook.

Love and compassion,

Dorje, Annette & Thomas

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