What to drink

Tings Tea Lounge is NOT a bar!

We serve drinks but we’re NOT a drinking place. You can get an ice cold local beer which is the Tuborg Gold and NOT the horrible Everest Beer that was invented years ago to fool the stupid travelers that can’t taste (or feel) the enzymes… but that’s another story.

Or you can enjoy a good glass of wine or one of the few drinks we make…. like the now legendary Tings Tonic where we use our homemade Earl Gray infused Gin. But we don’t serve  alcohol in shots, bottles and/or pitches which is the most common way to drink hard drinks in Nepal. It doesn’t look good and we don’t want Tings to become a drinking place.

Please remember that Tings Tea Lounge closes at 10 pm.


BEER LOVERS NOTE Both Thomas & Annette are dedicated Beer Lovers. Tings Tea Lounge is the only place in Kathmandu Valley where you can get Tuborg Strong.– a beer we bring in ourselves from Terrai.


See our drinks menu here.