Front House

The front house is designed and build from scratch by Annette

Where the front house is today was originally a small house, that needed reconstruction and then could house two rooms.

In the middle of the reconstruction we had to stop the work – some neighbors had complained: said that it was not reconstruction, but new constructions. And for new constructions the wall had to be 80cm further from the middle of the street. When we were told, we also got the solution: we could pay a small amount, and they would forget about it!

Instead we chose to tear down the old house and make a new one with front wall (or rather back wall!) 80cm from the previous one. But this time in 2 levels. When the neighbor realized that we were building in 2 levels, he withdraw his complain. But by that time, we had the permissions for the new building following all rules and regulations. Despite a delay of several weeks this was a perfect solution for Tings: Instead of getting 2 rooms, we now got 4!

Annette designed the new house in a style to match the main house adding columns and a porch in front of the rooms, and corners for chilling.

All 4 rooms are facing the garden with big window panels and double glass doors. On the ground floor the Garden Queen and Twin have access directly from the front garden, while the Gallery East and West on first floor have access from the balcony or rather gallery.

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