The Staff

Most of the people who works in hospitality here in Nepal have never stayed in a hotel.

For obvious reasons – they have never traveled.

So none of the boys and girls who works in the hotels and guest houses in Nepal actually knows what travelers really needs.

Think about that next time you stay in a hotel in Nepal.

Our staff is our biggest asset – without them NO Tings

We have traveled a life time ourselves. BUT we are not experts in running a hotel. We can’t even claim that we know what travelers need.

We know what we like and need – and we know there are lots of other travelers out there who likes the same. We have met them during all our travels.

If you are one of them you’ll agree in this statement: The staff is everything!

A fantastic place run by the wrong staff can spoil the perfect stay.

But the perfect staff in an ordinary place can make your stay the best in your life.

So that’s one of our main reasons behind our efforts to taking care of the guys and girls that works with us. We want them to feel at home and we want them to focus on the things we find important when we travel: To create a relaxed ambiance, have a positive attitude toward  their work and their guests and be open-minded and active.

The second reason is more egoistic. We live at Tings our selves. So naturally we only want to surround us with people we love 🙂


Our staff picknick in 2012



As we have no experience in running a hotel we don’t know how to recruit hotel staff.

So we’ve followed our hearts and gut feeling when we hired people. Skills are not so important – it can be taught. So we have only focused on one thing: Personality and attitude – and that’s something you can only feel or maybe see in people’s eyes.

So far these principles have worked well. We love our staff – both all of them who works with us now and also all of them who have passed by our life since we opened Tings in 2010.


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