Based on our own experience, the perfect location for a hotel – like the one we want to make – is defined by two criteria:

  1. It must be away from, but nearby, touristic area
  2. Be located in pleasant surroundings with local center, good infrastructure and with a life of it’s own. And Tings is surrounded by the best restaurants and bars in town – read about the places Thomas & Annette go for a drink, dinner og just to meet people.


Tings Lounge Hotel & Tings Tea Lounge is located in Lazimpat in the northern part of Kathmandu on Nursary Galli, House 322.



Take Lazimpat Road going North from the Royal Palace. After 800 meter you reach the sign for the Danish Embassy. Don’t follow that direction! Turn left (before Hotel Gangjong), pass Nepali Chulo on your right and continue for another 75 meter. Here you find Tings on your left – just before Search for Common Ground (the last house before the road turns).

Cafes, restaurants, jazz clubs, lounges, galleries and shopping is right outside the door.

Lazimpat is the closest you come to Notting Hill, Pisserenden, Soho, PrenzlBerg, Bastille/Republic here in Kathmandu. An unpretentious and relaxed blend of locals and internationals.

… and it’s easy to find!


57 thoughts on “Location

    1. Hi Chris,
      Rates are between 15 usd and 45 usd pr night. You can see the rooms and corresponding prices in the menu Tings Lounge Hotel.



  1. Hi
    I am planning on coming to Nepal for some volunteer work in November and will not get into Kathmandu until 10.30pm, am I still able to check in this late at night if I book a room for the night and what would be the safest way to get there at that hour?



    1. Emma,

      Yopu can always check in no matter how late you arrive… it’s not ‘unsafe’ to arrive late. Just very inconvenient because its dark, the number of taxis at the airport are limited (*and more expensive) etc. Just like in any other big city at this hour.

      The easiest thing for you is to get a taxi to pick you up. We can arrange that for you (without extra charge or provision) or you can get someone else to do it… We have had a couple of situations where the driver tells our guests that Tings are closed OR that he doesn’t know where it is… Thats just because he wants to take you to a hotel where he gets provision… again, that’s not dangerous… its the ‘charm’ of traveling in this part of the world. Bring your mobile and call us from the Taxi…

      Take care



  2. Dear Officer-In-Charge,

    Good day to you!
    I would like to book a room for three person during our stay at Kathmandu for 14th December night and 18th December night. Kindly advice on how can i proceed and confirm on my bookings, please?

    Thank you in advance for your kind assistance!



  3. Dear all,
    we are planning to visit Nepal next year – March or May. May I ask you which of your rooms are currently available for these months and which are the rates? Would you recommend to travel during March or during May?
    Many thanks in advance for your kind assiatance.

    Best regards


  4. Good day! I would like to book a room for 2 person on 28th December for 3 nights. Please kindly provide us information how to proceed 🙂 we would like to book White Lounge Room. 😉

    *by the way, Is there a curfew to be back to Tings at night?


  5. Hi there,
    I’d like to make a reservation for 2 nights (check in Feb 26, 2013 & check out Feb 28, 2013) for 2 persons for ‘The Garden Queen’ Room. Will it be available on that date? 
    Thank you and looking forward to your reply.


  6. hi there,

    my husband and are planning our “around the world honeymoon” and we would like to stay in your accommodation, while we are in this location. our details;

    dates requested: mar. 23- 29, 2013 total number of nights: 6
    we are interested in order of preference; white lounge, sunny lounge and the garden lounge.
    (our dates may change slightly once our flights from canada our finalized, but knowing the availability and rates around this time would help greatly)

    please let us know if we are able to stay with you!


  7. Hello, Good Morning (day, evening?),

    Hope all is well with you. I was hoping you may be able to help with making a reservation for the nights of April 13 and 14 (2013). Your place looks great and were thinking (in order of pref.), a)garden queen, b) cupboard room c) sunny corner.
    Also we were thinking of doing ebc and so would love to stay with you again upon return but are unsure of the dates (probably may 2 and 3).

    Thanks again, look forward to hearing back from you,


  8. Hello!
    I would like to book a room / 2 rooms that Will suit our family of 5 (3 kids aged 5,8 and 10)? Maybe you have 2 joining rooms or a family room/ room with 2 doubles and an extra bed?
    We Will arrivé on april 2bd and stay for 3 nights.
    Looking forward to hear from you,


  9. Hi. There are 3 of us travellling and would like a room for march 26-29th and then again for one night on april 3rd. We have been told to request the white lounge, sunny lounge and the garden lounge. Do you have a room for 3 or do we need to book 2 rooms? thanks…Barbara


  10. Hi ! Me and a collegue is going to Nepal this weekend. We’ll be stayin in a village first 2 nights but on sunday morning the 27th Jan we will be arriving in Kathmandu and would like to stay 1 night at your place if possible.
    1st choice would be Gallery east. If thatone is not free then garden twin or sunny corner.
    Pls email me on give email. Thank yo so much.

    br Linnea


  11. Dear all,

    My name is Sofia im from Argentina. Im travelling to Kathmandu next 25th of april we two friends, and we would like to book a room with you for three of us. Is this posible?


  12. Hi Anette and Thomas,

    my girlfriend and me will be arriving in Kathmandu at the 20. Sep and would like to stay in the cupboard room for 3 nights. Please email us. Thank you so much Jonas and Franzi


  13. I would like to know if you have availability for a double room for 3 nights (March 26- March 29) for 2 people? Which rooms are available? Also because is arriving late 23PM would it be possible to arrange a transfer from the airport and how much would that be?
    Please e-mail me back.


  14. Hello Tings! Could you let me know if you have any rooms available from 27-30 may and their rates? I was wondering if you have the sunny room Or the garden room available? We are two girls traveling from India. Thanks.


  15. Hello!

    We're traveling to Nepal in mid-May and would like to check if you have any accommodation available. Please message me! 🙂



  16. Hi there! I just stayed at Ting´s recently at the beginning and end of our treks. It was the perfect Oasis. I'm always so happy to find places like this and its great to hear you are reaching out to new horizons to make more special places. I want to take this chance to offer you all my special place here in Granada, Spain that follows on the same philosophies as Ting´s. http://www.elnumero8.com Hope to see you here or out there searching for the right time and space. Rafa


  17. hi, we are planning to visit on Sep 29 – Oct 12. And would like to trekking for a few days in Poon Hill, Annanpurna. Is a lounge room available? We are a couple, plus another one lady. Thanks


  18. Hi, I would like to book 1 single and 1 twin on 23 nov to 24 nov 2013. Pls advise if rooms are available. Thanks.


  19. Bonjour,
    Nous sommes une famille de 3 adultes et nous voudrions réserver chez vous pour les nuits du 2/3/4 décembre 2013 , auriez vous des disponibilités (chambre de 3 ou 2 chambres) ?
    Vous nous avez été vivement recommandé par les Paulines Guesthouse .
    Nous attendons votre réponse .
    Avec tous mes remerciements .
    Marie Sarraille


  20. Bonjour,
    Auriez-vous une chambre de libre pour 2 personnes (couple) pour les nuits du 21 au 23 septembre inclus?
    Audrey merlet


  21. Hi, last minute, I know… But if you happen to have the garden queen room available for 3 nights starting tomorrow, sept 24, I’d love to book it. Alternatively, if there are other available rooms please let me know. Thanks!


  22. Dear Thomas, Annette, I am looking for accommodation for Wednseday, 16 october for one night only, on my way to th enorth and possibly for from Sunday, 20 October (Arroval) )to Sunday, 27 October (Departure) . Please come back to me via email with availability and costs, Best Simone


  23. Hello,

    The 8 th of November i will arrive In Nepal backpacking and do some yoga!
    and i’m looking for a place to stay.

    You have backpackers room available and is ‘t possible to arrange transfer from the airport?

    With thanks in advance,


  24. Hi,

    I have two friends who will be travelling with me to Kathmandu for my wedding and looking for a cozy, secure place to stay. I like you website and heard good things. I am looking for two room, each for a couple, from Nov 26th to Dec 2 and possibly onwards.

    Please contact me on your rate, which rooms are avaliable and any promotions you may have.




  25. Hi Thomas and Annette,
    I would to stay at your place at the end of November 2013 for 5 days, do you have something for me ? i am travelling alone and my budget is ok
    Thank you very much
    Thomas (i love this name…) 😉


  26. G'day, Could you please advise your Accommodation Establishment in relation to distance from Thamel and also, Boudnarth Stupa. Is your Establishment considered to be fairly central? says:



    1. This is difficult… most travelers stays in Thamel. But if you have a special interest in Budhism and Boudhanart you should stay there. There are lots of hotels teher = but it is mostly dharme student who stay there. Others take a taxi from Thamel (20 mon 3 US)

      Thamel is considered THE Tourist Hub – a lot of restaurants, night clubs & hotels mixed with a lot of travel agencies and souvenir shops. Most people like like it after the first visit – and the find it ‘difficult’. But ALL travelers have to go there….its very noisy – especially in the evening

      Tings is 15 minunets away from Thamel (walking distance) or 1 US by taxi (3 minutes) – in a very quiet neighborhood where all of the foreigners living in Kathmandu find the best restaurants, music places etc – all outside Tings.

      So central … maiby, Fairly central: YES.

      I suggest that you find more info on this blog…. or mail us again….

      Hope this helps



    1. Thanx a lot!!!! The great things about having a hotel like Tings are all the inspiring people passing by our life and all the inspiration we get… I’m looking forward to ‘investigating’ Rattle Jazz… Cheers…. T


  27. Hi!
    What a nice place! My boy friend and I will arrive on Dec.24 which is my birthday,we really like to spend that night in your place. Is there any room available?. And would you please inform me the lowest price of a long stay,like 3 month?(We are going to take a language course in Kathmandu,if the price is acceptalbe we’ll consider to stay longer). Do you accept Rupees? cos we maybe don’t have any Dallors with us.
    Thank you! Have a nice day!
    Danielle Huang


  28. Dear,

    We would like to make a reservation for the 27th and the 28th of January 2014.
    We saw the Cupboard Room, which we liked. Is it still available for those two nights?

    Is it possible to arrange a taxi for us at the airport? We arrive at 10.40 PM.

    Kind regards,
    Anna and Laurens


  29. Dear Ting people,
    We are 3 adult people arriving at Kathamandu April, 13 and stay here for two nights. Do you have one or two rooms for us. Your Lounge Hotel seem to be very special and nice – we would very much like to stay at your place:)
    Hope to hearing from you soon
    best regards Vibeke from Cph


  30. Hello,
    I would like to book the sunny lounge for April the 21st 2014 for 2 people. i was wondering how can i do that? i can not find anywhere to book. what would be the rate for this period of time.
    And i was wondering if it has a balcony or one of those nice sofa beds outside on the balcony to enjoy a nice view.
    Thank you.
    Would appreciate your quick reply.


  31. Hi there,
    Im interested in booking a room with you guys for a few nights in September. How do I contact you to arrange this?

    Kind Regards,


  32. Your place looks like a nice oasis from the chaos, noise and pollution of Kathmandu. The food and drinks look good too. I am visiting Nepal in the fall. Even if I don’t stay at your hotel, can creative people like me ( I am a photographer ), come eat,drink and “hang out ” at your place? Cheers.


    1. Hi Bobby… Tings is open to everyone… from 8 until 10 pm (kitchen close at 9)

      Top floor is for guests only – but we have lots of common space… See you … /Thomas (currently in Lisbon)


  33. hejsa Jeres link til gode steder er på Nepalesisk ..? vil super gerne se det… kan i ændre det til engelsk vil jeg være meget taknemmelig:)


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