Main House

The oldest parts of the Main House – the ground floor – is from the 70’ies with thick walls that keep the ground floor warm in the winter and nice and cool during the hot summer.

Here you find the tea lounge and two spacious rooms: White Lounge and Golden Room.

On First floor are five rooms of very different size and style: Balcony Lounge, Sunny Lounge, Sunny Corner, the Alcove and Cupboard Room. In the middle is a big common with a table and in the corner a daybed and an area with books, magazines and DVD’s (we have NO television – the channels are too boring).

The Top Floor is for hotel-guests-only. Here you’ll find two rooms: Corner Suite and Top Lounge, and a huge common area:

  • Inside: A huge room with a big table in the middle, where our guests can work, talk or eat their food from the lounge or self-made from the guest kitchen in the corner, a lounge area and a stove that keeps the top floor warm in the cold months November to January.
  • Outside: A big covered terrace with a big table, daybed and lounge chairs.

Our cats spend a lot of their time in the Lounge and Garden.

Xmas decoration (3)

View to the lounge from our entrance.

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