We cannot save the world, but we want to make an effort to make  life a little better for  people in need.

We have 4 different focuses:

  1. We employ young people in need – give them a job and an education
  2. We  donate part of the revenue from Tings to charity.
    We have looked into how to support and decided that –  rather than starting up one more charity project (where part of the money inevitably would be used on administration etc) – we will support existing projects.There are many projects we would like to support. Since we can’t help them all, select a few that we’ll help as well as we can.  We will not donate money. Instead we will help once a situation occur, when immediate support is needed … that way we’ll make a difference.
  3. Nepal is a lot of other things than Mountains and Maoists. We will use our cultural network to establish relations between Nepal and the outside world to open peoples eyes for its rich culture – a culture most people don’t know about. Mainly within music, movie,  fashion and literature.
  4. Finally we will donate our own time and experience improving commercial local projects. Instead of charging the normal international fee as consultants, we will work either for free or at local tariffs.
You can follow over involvement here.

8 thoughts on “Consideration

  1. Namaste, can you accomodate a family of 4 (2 adults and 2 children – 7yr and 3yr) for March 19 for 4 nights? We dont mind having one queen and one single bed. Please advise room type and cost applicable. Many many thanks.


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