toganepal2009.JPGLovers, soul mates, friends, partners in crime… you name it…

Travelers since our first date in this lifetime

… short term, long term

… business, back-packing, leisure, pilgrim, camping…

… mentally or physically.

How and why doesn’t matter as long as we are experiencing and living


In 2000 we traveled for 12 months.

Not a holiday, not leisure, not business – just a a different way of living.

Before we left we made a plan. That lasted less that one day 🙂


In case you want to know how that was…

To give friends, family and fellow travelers an idea about how it is to be rootless and without a traditional safety net for that long time we did a presentation that focus on our daily life on the road…

A mental and physical challenge described in photos only… words are not necessary.


Around the world, #1

About, how to move, where & how to sleep, what to eat, how to shit & shower, relaxing and off course what to see…


Around the world, #2

About, people / friends / fellow travelers, nature, urban life and life in & with the nature…


Around the world, #3

About, daily life and party life on the road, religion, shopping, working …


FYI. We are still on the road…


2 thoughts on “Tings

  1. Hey guys, this is Ron and Marilynn. We stayed at your place last Sept, but you would remember us best because Ron sent you a signed copy of his book once we got back to the states. We hope this email finds you both well. It looks from FB that Tings continues in great tradition, and now serves food tto. That is awesome. We are writing because we remember you were spending a lot of time in Myanmar, perhaps setting up a guest house. We are planning to go there in January and wondered if you had any suggestions of places to stay or must see/do. We will also visit Cambodia and southern Laos. We very much appreciated your input on Thailand last year (we loved Ko Lanta!), and would welcome any suggestions you might have on any of these locales. We will be traveling for 3 months so will have a good amount of flexibility. Thanks for any feedback and take care. We hope to get back to Nepal in the near future and look forward to seeing you both again. Best, Ron and Marilynn


    1. Hi Ron & Marilynn,

      Yes – we have travelled a lot in Myanmar. First tim was twenty years ago. And until May this year we’ve stayed 2/3 of the last two years in our flat in Yangon where we worked on setting up Tings. We gave up – things are too crazy with all the international organizations throwing around money in ways that make it impossible to start up small and medium sized business like ours. Instead we try to stat up in Lisbon.

      We have a long list of places to go and see in Myanmar – and also recommondations for Laos and Cambodia.

      I will get back in a couple of days.

      NOTE: Myanmar is expensive (for the reasons mentioned above). But its very easy to travel there. The most important things you should know at this stage is: 1) You can get visa on arrival (you apply online and arrive in Yangon), 2) You DON’T need to bring US in Cash – you have ATM’s every where 3) Its easy to get around and 4) Some destinattions may be difficult to reach due to “ethnic problems” and 5) in January its possible to travel by river (I’ll get back).

      With 3 months you get a chance to see things most other travelers (and residents) never see. We suggest that you spend 1 1/2 month in Myanmar and the rest in Cambodia and Laos.

      We’ll get back to you soon.

      Annette & Thomas


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