Like so many other things in our hotel project things just happen. Without really knowing it we’re now in the catering business 🙂

A week ago we got a request from local foreign couple who were looking for food for their engagement party… we have had a few similar requests before but have always reclined. Don’t ask us why? But this time we accepted – maybe because we’re confident with all the recipes and our routines

We agreed on a buffet – finger food style – for 45 people. Half veg and half non-veg., made in two servings so guests arriving ‘late’ also got a variety of fresh dishes.

This is what we cooked

Rice Salad with Kidney Beans and Sweet Corn in a Lime/Coriander/Chili marinade. In the back ground cold Chicken Tapas (Tomato Salad, homemade feta cheese and thin slices of cold chicken breast with our own Sauce Tatare).

Rice salad with kidney beans and sweet corn

BBQ Sticks – Thai Style Marinated Chicken

BBQ Stickx - chicken marinated in Oyster Sauce

BBQ Sticks – Thai Style Marinated Tofu. In the background Vietnamese Summer Roles 

BBQ-Sticks-marinated tofu Asian style

Spanish Tortilla with Jalapenos

Tortilla m. Jalapenos

Foccacia Sandwich with Curry Egg salad with chopped pickled cucumbers

Sandwiches - curry egg salad w. pickled cucumber

Home Made Hummus with Kalamata Olives


Home Baked Bread – two different

Bread - home baked

With these encouraging words from the customer we have decided to continue our catering service….

We asked the team at Tings to cater for 45 people for our engagement party. We were so happy that we did!

The entire process was extremely smooth.  

Tings staff were very helpful in making suggestions about food and other practicalities.

The food was delicious and many of our friends commented on how good it was! They also provided us with a delicious cake for dessert and good quality wine. The staff delivered the food on time and we didn’t have to worry about a thing.

We highly recommend Tings’ catering services.


Dwayne, 4th February, 2013


Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a party – big or small – and need food. Or if you are in a business meeting and don’t feel like going out….

One thing – we do not make Nepalese food.