Top Lounge

Spacious studio-like room on the top floor.

The Top Lounge has build in bathtub, separate toilet and shower and a very nice and private, eastbound, covered terrace.

Recently the Top Lounge has got a new addition – a small ‘back room’ for chilling, that can be turned into a room with an extra bed.

Prices/night: 64 USD (55 USD for single occupancy) incl. breakfast and tax.

Extra bed 10 USD.

rooms top lounge bed

NB. The Top Lounge is on the top floor where our cats lives, so this room might not be the best choice if you are allergic to cats.

NB2. Just one more note: The bathtub is very inviting, but please be considerate and bear in mind that Kathmandu has a lack of water and need electricity to pump and heat it up (and sometimes Kathmandu has up to 18 hours power cut!). We ask all our guests to be considerate when using water so that there is hot water for everybody – with the bathtub that’s even more important. Normally it’s not a big problem as we use solar heaters as well, but on a cloudy day, you will need to time you bath to when there are no power cuts.

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