Tings Today’s Specials

When we opened Tings Tea Lounge our ambition was to have a One-Page-Menu only.

Today our menu is still one page only. But we have items on both sides 🙂

Since we have a lot of regular guests who come by for lunch and/or dinner we feel we have to do something to give a little more variation to our menu.

So a year ago we started working on various new dishes as Today’s Specials. Until now we’ve only posted the items on our white board at Tings.

But now our variety of dishes is getting bigger and our guests choose them so often now that it’s time to publish them.

Click on the picture below to get an idea of what we serve.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Most of the dishes are served with bread and salad. And as always: Most of what we do is home made.

Except for our BBQ on Fridays and Burger Day on Saturdays Today’s Special vary according to the season and the creativity in the Kitchen.

But the following dishes has been the frequent ones on the white board since we started:

Bagel Sandwich

RIY Wraps

Warm Beetroot Salad

Hot Dogs w. ‘hele svineriet’ 

Spanish Tortilla

Rosemary Chicken


Cinnamon Buns

Banana & Chocolate cake

Apple crumble cake

And a few ‘winter’ CLASSIC (STARTING mid September).

Rillette de Wild Boa

Confit de Chicken

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