New Works by Chirag Bangdel

9 days to the opening of A Celebration.

The last few days we have been time travelling back to 2009 where we left Copenhagen to start up Tings. After 10 years it’s time to evaluate…

We have finished the first 2 stories about our fantastic, but sometimes chaotic life. The first one about starting up a business here in Kathmandu. The second story is about our art & culture involvement.  

Annette posing with our first Nepalese Art piece, 2009

There are a 3 persons who pops up throughout all the years. Santos Giri (1. friend) who contacted us even before we had left Copenhagen. He invited us to share his and Vivek Sing’s (2nd friend) office.

One day after we arrived Vivek asked us if we wanted to come to the opening of his friend’s exhibition.

His friend was Chirag (3rd friend) who opened an exhibition in a bank or Library behind Durbar Marg.

We instantly became friends. And for 10 years now we have enjoyed his company – often together with his brother and Mother…. (including her delicious food)

At this opening we also bought one of his paintings – our first Nepalese art. The following year we bought his second piece and 5 copies of his Mist Around the Stupa.

Today his works are scattered around Tings Kathmandu among other Nepalese artists. And at Tings Lisbon we have a room dedicated to him.

Chirag Bangdel at Tings Kathmandu
After 10 year’s run-up

We have never exhibited his works at Tings.

Maybe it has something to do with our focus – that we want to help upcoming artists – Chirag was already an established artist when we met him 🙂

Or maybe it has something to do with fate.

When we finally decided to make an exhibition we had to cancel it… when such things happen we believe there is a good reason behind.

We think fate has something to do with our relationship. Chirag is meant to be the artist who opens our 25th art event in our 10th year Anniversary for Toga Hospitality Pvt Ltd. (and for our friendship)

So we are looking forward to the opening of A Celebration – By Chirag Bangdel on 12th April 2019 at Tings Kathmandu.

It will be much more than an opening – friends will come, we will have music and snacks. And Carlsberg sponsor beer.

Details will follow soon.

Dorje, Annette & Thomas

Enjoy these seleceted works for the upcoming exhibition

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