What to eat?

We love when super chefs plays in our kitchen. Here its Sebastian from Argentina that teaches Jit the art of BBQing

Tings Tea Lounge is open from 9 am until 10 pm all days except Mondayday (kitchen closes at 9 pm).

About the foodTings Tea Lounge is not a restaurant – but that doesn’t mean that we don’t serve food.

We do!

We serve small dishes or ‘snacks’, but different from Nepali . First: We do NOT want to compete with our colleagues just around the corner Second: We want to provide dishes we KNOW our guests are longing for after long and hard travels and can’t get elsewhere. That’s why 🙂

Our food is world food –  inspired by travels around the world and made from ingredients available locally.

And all food made in the cleanest kitchen in town by the most fantastic and creative guys in Kathmandu – directed by Thomas, supervised by Annette and criticized by our close friends and fans.

Most dishes are served with green salad and home baked bread and combined they will satisfy most peoples hunger. High lights from the menu are our Asian Inspiration, our assortments of Tapas and our Salads, sandwiches and pastas.

Bon appetite!


See our menu here


BTW The Ketchup is from Heinz, the soya is from Kikkoman etc. Not because we want to promote these international companies – but because the products are unique.

NOTICE All our prices are in NRP. We add 13 % VAT on your bill – but NO service charge. If you like what you get please use the tips box in the lobby.

Tips are shared equally among everybody contributing to your experience a Tings.

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