This is a sad post.

I just had to ask 5 local Boys to leave and stay away.

Just got back from a meeting. When I parked my bike I heard music playing from one of our hide-aways hidden in the corner between our neighbours. I asked them kindly to turn the expensive Bluetooth sound gadget in the middle of the table off and explained that we want to stay on good terms with the  They understood, excused and turned off the music.

30 minutes later I was going to another meeting and came down to get the bike. When got out of the office door I smelled Pot… and was it Music I heard???

I asked them if they smoke dope. Nooo sir… they said and looked at me as I was a stupid old foreigner…

That was their first mistake. I am a dedicated smoker with a smoking history that’s probably older than their parent.

When I asked the 2nd time they admitted and said they were sorry.

They have said the same only 30 minutes before when I told them to turn off their music. In other words – they gave a shit about what I told them. That was the 2nd mistake.

What I don’t understand is why rich parents can afford expensive motorbikes and sound gadgets and not being able to send them to good private schools to learn to read English. But obviously they can’t. Or maybe the kids are just stupid. Most probably they are both. They either couldn’t read or understand our laminated note under their Bluetooth Speaker.

So I asked them to leave – and did’t in a way that showed that they shouldn’t be smart.


Tings is not a smoking place


I felt so sorry for the kids

Being so rich and smart and at the same time so miserable that they were forced to humiliate themselves to sit and sip tea and water in Kuires café because they don’t have the balls to smoke at home must be humiliating. And being thrown out by a Kuire like me (who – to make things worse – insisted on paying their bill) must be worse. And I can’t even imagine how hard and humiliating it must be to pass our super young and intelligent staff who have told several times before that we don’t accept the way they behave…

But the worst part must have been when I personally opened the gate for them and their very expensive bikes and insisted to close after them… while smiling in a way that told them I don’t respect them at all, that I give a shit about their bikes, that I think they are the biggest jokes in town and that they won’t stand a chance in my world and that each of the boys and girls in my world have more power, style and character than any of them will ever get… without their money.


Rich kids without style

This was a very sad situation

Sad because one part of Tings is to create a space where locals can stay together with our international guests and friends. Sad because we know that young Nepalese boys and girls need places where they can relax and have a bit of privacy. And sad because we know that part of Nepal’s problem is lack of respect of each other.

You don’t have to respect me – I can live without that. But if you don’t respect women, if you don’t respect other casts, if you don’t respect other other religions and people younger than themselves then you don’t get my respect.

But the saddest thing must to be their parents.

Being a father myself I know how important it is to be able to trust your kids.

Do their parents know that their smart kids sit in our garden and smoke joints before lunch and before they ride their expensive Royal Enfield home or to a new bar where they can drink… but not smoke dope or play music.


We don’t want Tings to be for foreigners only

If this don’t change we will have to close Tings for Nepalese boys and girls – and we don’t want that.

So please accept our no dope and drinking policy.

And more important: RESPECT OUR STAFF.

If you can’t live with that Stay away.

And to all the parents out there. LOOK AFTER YOUR KIDS! THEY DESERVE IT


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