Nepalese Music has a future – Mi Ku shows the way

An evening in Lisbon with Nepalese Mi Ku

I was introduced to Mi Ku yesterday afternoon in rainy Lisbon by my good friend Jackie Taylor.

AND NO – neither the band nor Jackie was in  Europe.

The introduction came through ECS Nepal’s online magazine where I stumbled upon a b/w photo of a super cool band in front Patan Museum…

My curiosity led me to the heading Mitho Kura. Sweet Things and right below the familiar name of my  friend and fellow music lover – Jackie.  From there it was only a copy/paste and a click to Soundcloud where I got lost in the small selection of Mi Ku’s live performances.



Mi Ku goes their own way

MIKU LOGO Transparent.pngWhat a huge relief it is to get introduced people who go against the trend. Like the musicians behind Mi Ku who refuse to let the cultural impact from the gentrification of the developing world carry them away… or run them down.

The six young musicians from Kathmandu University that formed Mi Ku in 2017 insist on sticking to Nepal’s musical past – but without getting lost or caught in old dusty nationalism that often happens.

Instead they carefully edge up the instrumentation with discreet contemporary grooves and poetry reading/talk that made me wonder how a Himalayan Joanna Newsom / Laurie Anderson clone would sound like after my first listening.

Take a track like Dizziness that that starts with electronic-ambient-like grooves – but you can’t call the track electronica. And it’s definitely not pop. Buts it’s not traditional Nepalese Folk either… and some parts even smells funny like jazz!

Not since the afternoon ages ago where Mariano Abello joined Sukarma on stage have I been so exited by Nepalese music…


I would love to see the Mi Ku live.

But for the next many month I will be in Lisbon.

I would also love to hear their sound in a studio version… but I just can’t remember a local recording where the sound has impressed me. Mi Ku’s music deserves an international experienced producer who can guide the band through the studio’s endless possibilities without over producing but with a proper mastering.

Until ???  the world will have to make do with the music the band shares online… can’t wait to hear more!


MI KU.jpg


Mitho Kura: Sweet Things

ecs nepal logoMi Ku(short for Mitho Kura or Sweet Things)personifies the Nepali youth’s craving to happily transcend boundaries to regenerate the ‘sounds of music’ that has been our own, creating a seamless blending of contextual poetry into the fathomless ocean of musical possibilities…

Read Mitho Kura: Sweet Things by Jackie Taylor on ECS Nepal


Follow Mi Ku




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