Kuires & Expats Have got a very good English New Weekly Annapurna Express

Annapurna Express was released 9 Feb. 2018

The Annapurna Express is a weekly news and entertainment newspaper serving the Nepali reading public with English content that is both substantive and fun to read… as the chairman states in Publisher’s Note.

It looks amazing. The format is reader friendly on quality paper with an ok lay out.

My only question is: WHY – or rather HOW DARE THEY??

A printed weekly news media in a world where most other printed media surrender because of the digital alternatives just a free click away must be a World Sensation. Especially as Annapurna Express only exists offline (in a web-first world). Hopefully this will change soon!

After the 1st issue I was moderately optimistic. Moderately because it actually does have a list of relevant stories for readers like us. Foreigners that have lived in Nepal so long (or short) that the only English daily newspaper they read is The New York Times and who find the only English-speaking weekly too old-fashioned


My highlights from the first issue

Biswas Baral’s views of Nepal’s federal set-up (page 7) is a must read for all foreigners who lives and/do business here but don’t have the energy/time/courage to get from the other papers. Its structured and well written. Same with his feature on the Tourism Industry (p 8) –  especially for all of us in the business that are worried about the fast-growing supply of services and accommodation that fast outstrips the demand (still nobody has mentioned what happened to the 1.000.000 tourists the Tourism Board promised the industry after the 2011 Tourism Year LOL). Biswas Baral is a super writer (why isn’t he featured on the front-page?).

Being a swimmer myself I agreed with all Eva Kafle’s views and statements about swimming pools in Kathmandu. And being a true believer in Nepal’s youth the interview with Teschu Dolma was very encouraging.
Jackie in Kathmandui ! by Jackie Taylor-page-001


But the story that interested me the most was Kuire! By our friend Jackie Taylor (p 5) about being a foreigner in Nepal and not belonging to the Expat’s often overpaid and ‘glamourous’ parallel world and at the same time being far from being a Local. We arrived in 2009 in Kathmandu with a business plan, 2 backpacks, and two mobiles, starting up our own project without any relationship with the international crowd and no sponsors.We still don’t understand why we must pay Kuire prices. Especially not after having developed and promoted young Nepalese Talent around the world; talent that for 9 years has been entirely funded by ourselves while living in Nepal as locals. But that’s another story I may blog about…


Here is the first issue. It’s impossible to find. So until Annapurna Express’ gets its online version up and running read it  here. Or down-load it as PDF.

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Download Annapurna Express 1st issue as pdf

Just skimmed through of Annapurna Express’ 2nd issue

My first impression isn’t as positive as the first issue.

Somehow its seems less appealing to me – too much hard-core Nepalese political stuff, too much regional/international stories that either don’t interest me any more (Donald Trump, please!!!) and Rohiungya/BIMSTEC (ZZZZZzzzzzzz……) or stories I’ve read before in my daily news alerts. The commercial/advertorial Auto/Tech, Business, Gadget and Spectrum content is waste of paper.

I’m looking forward to reading about The All-season Paradise in Eastern Nepal and Making sarangi ‘cool’ again. And of-course the Annapurna’s Express coming issues. especially if the editor looks more towards the 1st issue with and less to the 2nd. After all you can only judge a new media after at least 10 issues.

But to be quite honest. Good or bad – I doubt that the new weekly will have a long life. If it does it will be a worldwide media sensation.

Welcome to Nepal and good luck




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