It’s very rare to see the stupa as white and clean as it is in this video from last week


First the good news: The most beautiful stupa in the world is restored and mor beautiful than ever.

Just before we left Tings Kathmandu to go tu Tings Lisbon we visited the Stupa in Boudha… It was so beautiful with its brand new Golden top on the pure white stupa.

You only this when its newly painted – before the rain wash down the gold and decorate the white with beatuful curved golden waves…

Last weekend the stupa was oficially re-opened by 600 buddhist monks and nuns doing purification prayers.

We followed everything online from Tings Lisbon… but strangely enough not from the Nepalese media.

This one we got two days ago from China.

Kathmandu believers restore quake-damaged Boudhanath stupa without government assistance

20151010_122546With gold, cash and labor contributed by locals and Buddhist organisations, Kathmandu’s famed Boudhanath stupa has been fully restored, making it the first of the country’s more than 700 quake-damaged heritage structures to have been returned to its pre-quake glory.

“The restoration cost us 230 million rupees (US$2.1 million), all of which came from locals, Buddhists residing in Nepal and abroad, and Buddhist organisations across the world,” said Sampurna Kumar Lama, chairman of the Boudhanath Area Development Committee that spearheaded the effort.

KATHMANDU Nov. 17: South China Morning Post


Then the sad news… the govenment and other oficcials are useless as always 😉

Instead of receiving positive stories from the Nepalese media we got this one from Republica about one ef the many projects that may nevet happen.


Construction of Kathmandu Tower at Old Bus Park in limbo

The construction of Kathmandu Tower at Old Bus Park in the capital is in limbo even though six months have already elapsed since shifting the bus park just across the main road to Khulamanch across.

KATHMANDU, Nov 16: Republica


The lessen from this is: If you want things to happen – stay away from the government and other officials. DIY.


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