Don’t miss Friday Night Skanking @ Places



Hey friends,

We really recommend the Friday Night Skanking at Places…

Our friends Sick Jam (aka Gnirehs T) and Tashi Lo Fi’s Cultivation get challenged by Arrival Sound Cultivation from UK. But don’r worry – the guys can easily handle it, they are good!

Have been listening to Arrival Sound Cultivation all day… they do know their Jah Shak, Mad Professor, Lee Scratch Perry and all the other rub-a-dub masters.

Sounds like a good party – have a listen yourself – uploaded a few tracks (sorry Viber Samuel – couldn’t find you)



Arrival Sound System


Sick Jam



Remember Saturday is Tings burger day


TDS Burger (1)

Except for the Heinz Ketchup all ingredients are homemade on the day we serve the burger. The Buff is from our trusted butcher bought in the morning and minced at Tings



By any measure do yourself and your family a favour and visit Tings Tea Lounge on a Saturday morning and you will experience the best burger experience in the country.

Read the whole TripAdvisor review here


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