5 minutes ago Team Nepal won the prestigious Hong Kong Oxfam Trailwalker

A 100 km team run along Maclehose trail that used to be the Gurkha Soldiers training route.


Team Nepal Oxfarm (1).jpg


Our friend and Tings guest Claus Rolff covered the race and updated us live via messenger from Hong Kong to Lisbon.


“Team Nepal leading the race big time but still 60 km to go….”

Team Nepal Oxfarm (4).jpg


“Team Nepal still going strong at Sharon Pass leading with about 20 min down to Team Salomon. Still 50km to go”

Team Nepal Oxfarm (3).jpg


“Shing Mun réservoir still leading big time. Now for Needle hill and Thai Mo Shan down to Route Twisk”



Team Nepal arriving reach goal 11:01:11 after doing 100 km. Only 3 min 12 sec from the old record.



Nepal Team crew and supporters



Team Nepal 2016 and sponsor




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