A week with love – Ravi got married!

Ravi Wedding Chen You's post on FB

A few days ago Chen Yu posted about Tings on Facebook

She woke up to the sounds of traditional wedding bells, fragrances from the traditional wedding incense sticks, the chanting from the priests and the casual laughter and chatting from people walking around in the garden below her window.

The post wasn’t a big surprise to us. Since Tings opened we expected something like this to happen –  just not when, and if the reaction to this wedding ceremony would annoy our guests or make them happy… Personally we would find it very romantic to wake up surrounded by love. But people are different.



We have known about this wedding for ages

The plans for this wedding started already 6 years ago – the day Tings transformed from a power point business plan to something very concrete – A House in Kathmandu.

In spring 2010 after seeing more than 100 houses we finally found the house we wanted for our hotel and tea lounge.

We were super happy when the owners of the house #322 in Nursary Galli, Lazimpat agreed to lease it out. It had all the charm we were looking for and a fantastic garden as well. The bonus was Anju and Ramesh Pant and their son Ravi – our land lords and friends.

Negotiations went smoothly – until we mentioned our leasing period. We needed at least 10 years. But the Pants only wanted to rent it out for 5 which wasn’t relevant for us. We not only needed to renovate the main house (including adding one more floor and toilets to all rooms) we also had to build a brand new building – the front house with 4 rooms. So 5 years was out of the question.

But why only 5 years?

To us it was a big mystery. And the mystery was no less when we heard the reason.

The house – today’s Tings Kathmandu – is Ravi’s childhood home. And as the traditions tells, he has to get married here.

We looked at each other: How on earth could they know, if Ravi wants to get married?  And when?- we thought.

Thomas son is only a few years older than Ravi and has lived on his own since he was 17 – and back then we couldn’t see him in a married life at all.

And what if Ravi falls madly in love and wants to get married after two years? – we couldn’t help thinking.

That must have been our first real surprise with the Nepalese culture – these matters are so different compared to our western tradition.

We are both very romantic and – and we love when people decide to get married. So we looked at each other and said simultaneously

No problem – and looked at Ravi.

You just get married at Tings Tea Lounge 🙂 – already then we knew that it would be a love marriage.

So we signed an extendable 10 years lease, made the reconstructions and opened Tings the following spring.


Ravis wedding 6

Dorje’s wedding bed – WE LOVE IT!!!


And now – 6 years later – Ravi got married at Tings.

The first pujas started a few days ago. And yesterday the bride was brought to Tings where the couple spend their first night in the room that was Ravi’s childhood room – White Lounge, now dressed up by Dorje for a special wedding night.

Like we would have ourselves, our guests enjoyed the laughter, songs, fragrances and all the mystery that surrounds traditional Nepalese weddings. After all – how often do travellers get a chance to be a part of these family traditions?


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


In Nepal the wedding days are decided by the astrologists and priests – so the notice is short. When we were told about the date we had already booked our tickets to Lisbon – so we couldn’t attend.

But Dorje and our staff were there and managed everything – and thanks to messenger we got updates from Sudeep by the hour.


We wish Ravi & Sanjupa all the best and a long life together filled with love.

Annette & Thomas





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