A word from a happy guest

I adored Tings.

Stayed here for 1 night initially and then 2 nights after returning from Pokhara.

Such a well thought out hotel that gives you impression that you are not in crazy Kathmandu! The staff were wonderful, happy and friendly, as was the service.

Was so refreshing to not have a TV and sterile, false air of AC.

The communal seating, relaxing, eating areas were a joy and wonderful way to meet and talk to other like minded travellers.

I loved everything about this boutique hotel and will look forward to staying here again.

Well done Thomas & Annette you should be very proud of the wonderful atmosphere you have created and look forward to meeting you next time.

Tracy on Tripadvisor



We don’t know what to say…

Except that we are very proud – but not so much because of the well thought out ideas.

Agree – we created them many years ago. But its Dorje, Sudeep, Suja, Tara, Gita, Rabin, Bajej, Urmilla, Sagar, Aman & Sarita who make the wonderful atmosphere… and of course all the likeminded travelers.



People can’t imagine how much it means to us when they not only like what we have created in Kathmandu but also like exactly the key elements in our concept.. Like Tracy does from Australia in the review she just posted on Tripadvisor.


Please get in touch next time you are in town.



Annette & Thomas

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