At Tings we wake up to the smell of home baked bread :-)

A word from a happy guest who loves our bread



It has almost been two years ago that I stayed at your wonderful place, but if I close my eyes I can still remember the smell of fresh bread while awaking slowly in the sunny corner.

Do time to come back…

Kind regards, Yvette



We love waking up to the smell of freshly baked bread

… and we love when people appreciate bread as much as we do.

A lot of people tell us that our bread is the best in Nepal… we don’t know if that’s true or not. But we bake all our breads ourselves several times a day and we serve it generously with most of our dishes. Like they do in most of Europe – with no extra charges.

We bake the buns for our burgers (which is he most difficult part of a burger), we bake hot dog bread, we cook & bake our own bagles and we make our own Foccacia style sandwich bread with Rosemary from our garden…


Because we love it. because its easy and cheap to make and because we can’t get the quality we want in Kathmandu.


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