Saturday we give a Somersby with our Tings Burger :-)

On Saturday we celebrate the arrival of Somersby Apple Cider.


Somersby is exactly the drink we need on our Tings Menu

Thomas loves to drink a cold beer with his burger.  Annette usually prefers a soft drink or just a glass of water. Her choice of alcoholic drink is a glass of wine – and that’s too strong for her for an ordinary lunch.

Yesterday she got an alternative. The new Somersby Apple Cider from Gorkha Brewery is a very refreshing drink that holds 4,5% alcohol which is less compared to a pilsner like a Gorkha Beer or a Carlsberg Beer.



We feel this is worth celebrating – so on Saturday we have a special offer. Get a Somersby with your Tings Burger 🙂

Why do we feel this is important?

First. Somersby has been available all over Asia except for Nepal. So we take the launch of Somersby as a sign of progress – that Nepal is heading the right direction.

Second. We are 100% sure that the Nepalese restaurant goers will love Somersby – they just need to taste it before they start buying. So our special offer gives them an opportunity to try it for free with a burger (if you don’t want the burger the price is 150 NRP)

Third. We haven’t celebrated anything for a long time 🙂

Thomas will play tracks from Tings Neverending Compilation





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