We are a small group of international residents & local friends that usually hangs out around Tings, Four Red Doors and a few bars in town that are tired of waiting.

4 days ago we had the local MC Gang scouting around Sindhuplchowk – a district starting only 2 hrs from Kathmandu. They went to the furthest part – Kunchok – only accessible on bike and walking.

They returned with the usual horror stories – no village, no tents, no food – nothing. And not a single clue of the international rescue workers.

Without really talking about it – discussing things – we made ourselves useful. Guess it was the frustrations about watching the International Rescue Industry and government running around like chicken without heads that got us started.

We just gathered and organized information.

It was not rocket science to get to the point: We needed tents, the most essential food items, medicine… the usual stuff. And we needed hands transportation and local scouts. Instead of giving up to the constant problems we faced from government offices & greedy shops, we found alternative solutions. Tents were impossible to get – so we produced basic but efficient alternatives. All of us raised funds, shopped, organised, communicated and networked.

After one day the first trucks left…

I got confused when I first saw the tents. It’s only 3 x 5 m flexible waterproof fabric without metallic holes for poles. But they are actually very smart. The material is very elastic and flexible. You stretch the corners and tie them to the poles and 1 – 2 -3 your have a basic structure… they can be tied together, tied to trees etc. Unfortunately we bought all the fabric in town – so we are now working on getting new tents flown in or brought overland from India.



The nurse wants to be in cognito

The trucks  arrived yesterday early where locals were waiting to carry the stuff the last kilometers to the final destination.

One of the Doctors that happened to be at Tings ended up making herself useful in the most remote part of Sindhuplchowk.

We try to document things – 4,600 people was reached in this small operation. They got rice, dal, chura (beaten rice that doesn’t need to be cooked), medicine and tents. Far from enough to covering their needs for longer terms, but enough to get them going for the next weeks until the international relief programs hopefully will reach them. And they got their worst wounds looked after.
The first guys and girls sharing their experiences and stories – while the rest of the team uploads pictures, do their toilets etc.

While this group went to Sindhuplchowk another group have been working intensively on organizing – what we believe is the most crucial problem right now. Shelter! Without proper tents the situation will be fatal when the upcoming monsoon sets in.

Besides this focused operation we also support two other very proffessionel and independent projects: NepalRises & Nayantara Gurung and her team down at The Yellow House

Sometimes the bigger projects takes the attention away from the misery close to you. Yesterday we went to one of the monastries in Swayambu that just received 80 Tibetan women and children from one of the most remote valleys in Langtang – we couldn’t do anything but handing over money for vegetables – 10,000 NRP (100 US) will feed them for 2 – 3 weeks.

2015-05-05 07.30.08

Earlier the same day we visited our kids at Kiki’s Children’s Home – they are all fine. Didn’t need anything except for our hugs and attention.


At a neighbouring Tibetan camp we visited a Tibetan family – or whats left of the family. Their poor house crashed in an instant, killing their oldest son (and only provider) leaving them with nothing. Dorje had heard about this family and told us to visit them. The 5,000 NRP we gave them was nothing – in front of me the old mother was sobbing quietly over the loss of her son. Guess she would have preferred to share his fate. Why is it that is much more difficult to deal with one family sorrow compared to a camp with 80 women crying…



We hate promoting ourselves. We are not in the guidebooks, we rarely give interviews and we never talk about our involvement in projects that help people.

And we don’t want to take the credit for the efforts and hard work. Most is done by  Michael, Shishir, David, Richard, Miranda.. and all our new friends, we hardly know, who refuse to sit on their hands waiting… YOU GUYS ROCKS!

We post these stories because a lot of generous friends and guests sends us funds. We feel we need to show how they are used and that they make a difference.


Like most other information that hit the press; We have known this for days… WE NEED TENTS



  1. I’ts great to follow your work, passion for help and effort!!! Keep up the good spirit!!! I admire you ❤ !!!


  2. Kære Thomas og Annette,

    Flot indsats I alle gør dernede midt i kaos!

    Vi må håbe at de internationale organisationer snart kommer i omdrejninger!

    KH Simon


  3. Hallo to everybody at Tings! Thanks for posting these stories, they help us understand. On our side (Europe) we are trying to help the way we can, raising money and awareness. Somewhat frustrating to be so far and so impotent… Keep well! Much love, Monica & Marc


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