EARTHQUAKE: A lengthy account of the last week… by our friend Michael Bøcker-Larsen

About a week ago after the earthquake hit, and people started getting organized, we too started thinking of how and where to help. There was so much devastation everywhere, but there was a place that made more sense to me personally. Gorkha, the home of the famed Ghurkas, and lots of my friends. Another area that was in need of help was Kunchowk, in Sindhupalchowk, where some of my Nepali family originate from and still have lots of relatives.

Read the rest of Michael story here.


We NEVER suppport projects – we only supports PEOPLE

As mentioned many times before we are NOT specialists in charity work.

But from our business background we know a lot about working with projects. One of the main rules in this work is: Don’t invest in ideas – invest in people.

That’s the same with our involvement in the so called charity work. We only support projects run by people we know and trust.

Like the people behind the projects Michael writes about in his latest Facebook posting above or another team member Peter Francon in his report on FB

Villagers were hungry, frightened. They weren’t inclined to sit and watch two trucks laden with rice, pass them by. Local boys suggested “Let’s take the rice!” Hands slipping under the truck tarpaulins. But there was no violence, no stealing and we were able to proceed.

Read the rest here

After reading the stories and seeing the pix below we’re sure you understand why we try to support as much as we can – and feel confident that the money we receive are spend wisely… and with love and care.

We still receive support – read here.11182136_10202696085961783_8103105243166316735_n 10433698_10202696086001784_5035594999589422162_n 11205159_10153019109076461_2360386892254860850_n 11182134_10202696086601799_3970699068698017064_n 11012590_10153019109011461_2794716872594282237_n


For more information:

Thomas Bjørn Tingstrup:

Michael Bøcker-Larsen:

2 thoughts on “EARTHQUAKE: A lengthy account of the last week… by our friend Michael Bøcker-Larsen

  1. Hello,
    I was informed by my daughter Pauline, that you are involved in rescuing people in Nepal.
    I would like to support your action.
    Please forward your bank account reference with IBAN.
    Annecy France


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