Earthquake – a brief update.

I guess a lot of you wonder how I feel right now on this day #7 after the quake. Its not difficult to explain. Imagine a strong fist that grabs your stomach from the inside and twist around. That’s the constant fear we all have – but only let out when we’re alone. Add to this the feeling you have when you get on land after a log time on the sea. That’s how it feels walking around 🙂

Here at Tings it’s almost daily life

We have water, and when the sun shines its hot. And we have electricity – and that’s even better. That makes it possible to fill up our water tanks without using our precious fuel. And maybe even more important: We have light in the evening, music and 3 different wifi connections. So we can read, play music and we can keep things cold.

The latter has made a huge difference for our food. We have cold and very healthy Gazpacho, we can keep our lettuce fresh for one more day and we have cold drinks…


We only have 2 minor problems LEFT.

One is the garbage. With a sold out hotel (we have had travelers than The Danish Embassy didn’t want to accommodate sleeping on madrases in the lounge and garden) lots of rescue workers hanging around in the garden using our internet, our staff with family and friends and a lot of guests for lunch and dinner we produce a lot of garbage everyday. With the rain and sun its the fastest way to spread diseases. So we dump it every morning at the place the local uses – outside the Danish Embassy. Its better to gather all the garbage in one place and spread liters of disinfecting powder/liquid over it to kill flies and bacteria.


The second problem is water. For the time being we have enough water. But only for drinking. For cooking we use water from our own well: We filter it when we tap it, we boil it and the filter it again when we put it in the big 19 l. bottles and add water purifying pills or liquid.

This is routine by now. So is my morning trips to the vegetable market around 5.


So for the first time since Saturday I’ve had time for something else. Yesterday I contacted various self established grass root teams and helped where needed. With the cash we start getting in on our Danish accounts we buy medicine, food, tents, blankets and other very basic necessities and give to NepalRising who is one of the most efficient projects at the time of writing. They have a vehicle leaving Kathmandu for worst damaged areas every 1 – 1:30 hour. Its amazing to see how far they get by using common sense only.



Our biggest frustrations so far is all the stories we get all the time. About all the help thats flown in and doesn’t get distributed, about how the established organisations give up and return to their hotels because of harassment from the government – and the latest one. How the government threaten people/organisations who gets support to their own accounts with punishment: ALL FUNDS HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE PM’s OFFICE!

Its so frustrating knowing that the 31 million the Danish Government ends in the pockets of ministers and civil servants – and that the left overs take for ever to reach the people in need.

I don’t know how much of this that are facts or just rumors. But the PM’s threads are facts – it is now distributed online



We are alive without injuries, we have each other and we have all the lovely mails, messages, tweets etc that keep coming in from our friends and former guests all over the world.

Love 🙂







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