A word from a guest – We’re speech less (hope our staff understand)

Dear Annette & Thomas,


Thank you SO VERY much for letting me through your metal gates at 3am on 27/4 – I again apologise for waking you. Thanks also for ALL your kindnesses in the 77 hours of my stay until I was airlifted out by the Royal Australian Air Force.


I remain amazed by the amount of action, experience and inner learning that was compressed into this brief encounter – only time will tell what impact this will have on my future thoughts and actions.


I have recommended Tings Lounge Hotel to many people by highlighting several factors.


You both act with a profound sense of responsibility of care to all those who come to you to stay or for help, even more so during times of crisis such as were at hand immediately after the earthquake. You demonstrate outstanding leadership in the ways you hire and develop Nepali staff and encourage other locals of all ages to expand their potential by hanging out at your home – which also happens to be a hotel.


Those who stay at Tings also tend to reveal huge depth of character in their actions. I met foreigners who run an orphanage, who paid a Nepali child-care facility in order to work there as a volunteer, and trainers from NurseTeachReach who chose to work at the coal-face, buying medicines and micro-managing appropriate treatment to Nepalis they visited in hospital.


I also met Nepalis like the one whose tweets about the situation were being followed worldwide and which will hopefully generate additional financial aid.


Throughout all of this,  food was found and cooked to taste delicious, fuel was located to provide the luxuries of a shower and wifi connection with the outside world, waterproof sheets were erected for those who felt safer sleeping outside at night, and an awareness of treading lightly on this earth prevailed along with a rare sense of community, friendship and camaraderie between hosts, staff, guests and day-visitors.


I don’t know how you do it – but I am grateful to have experienced the magic you weave !


My best wishes to you and your staff, especially in the coming months of unforeseeable difficulties,


Kind regards,





To our staff

Sometimes I can’t help wondering if you – like Nick above who stayed with us the stressful days after the big one – know about the pressure we’ve been through the last 2 weeks here at Tings Tea Lounge.

Not only do we have the responsibility for our guests – some of them close to breaking down.

We also feel a blood related responsibility for you, your families and love ones. Add to that our own families in Europe that are exposed to the worst scenes one can imagine from the press – and understandingly want us out of Nepal.

We are NOT complaining. We don’t even want your respect or sympathy. We just want you to understand that we are in the same shit that the rest of the country. We just don’t have anywhere to go…

Love to all of you – If we can make it through this one we can manage everything.

And lets kick some ass – and SO HARD that it will take us to the other side of this horrible experience FAST




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