Fellow Bloggers. WP has been Jazzed Up with Bud Powell

wp 4.2

I have tried to work in most of the the popular blogging platform available. This blog – like all my other bloggs – is made in WordPress. Its by far the easiest platform to work with. Almost all sites & media can easily be implemented in this platform.

This morning I not only woke up to not only WP 4.2 (aka Powell) but also the tones of Budd Powell’s crispy piano…  One of my favorite Blue Note jazz pianists.

I also found one of the WP Tools I’ve missed since I started working with WP. A Press Thiss function that makes it possible to share interesting and relevant Stories, travelling tips, ideas etc directly from your browser (mobile/pc/tablet) directly to your website.

Here is The Amazing Budd Powell – I think the track on WP is taken from this album. Will find out later.


This posting is my first using Press This… crossing fingers,



Source: About ‹ Tings Lounge Hotel — WordPress

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