IMPORTANT!!! We Recommend TOURISTS on the way to Kathmandu to stay away

Things are bad

Unless you have a business to do or some other non touristic business to attend. STAY AWAY.

The sights are crashed.

We have no water, no electricity, the food is scarce etc.

And we expect the situation to get worse.



Annette & Thomas
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14 thoughts on “IMPORTANT!!! We Recommend TOURISTS on the way to Kathmandu to stay away

  1. Dear Annette and Thomas,
    Thanks for the update. I have been thinking of you and wondering how things are. I don’t know if there is anything that I can do from here, but please let me know if there is. I am sending prayers and love.

    Love Lorraine, Daniel, Cian and Gavin


  2. It’s so terrible…
    Can’t believe
    Hope you’re all healthy…
    We wish you all the best, all the power and help you need to save KTM … We try to find Ideas to help


  3. Our thoughts are with you Annette and Thomas. Thinking of all the people in Nepal especially those we met. Unbelievable sadness. Xxxx


  4. We have been so worried about you and the entire staff at Tings. We hope you and your friends and families are all safe and sound and that you all suffered minimum damage in this horrible incident.

    Please let us know how we can help the people of Nepal. They were so welcoming and kind to us we would love to do whatever we can to help them now in their time of need. Our thoughts are very much with you all.

    Take care, Marilynn and Ron


    1. hmm… they need a lot. We’re not specialists. will think… if we come up with something we” post on this blog and share… Thanks for your consideration… T


  5. So good to know you all are well at Ting’s – we send all our love and thoughts – our heart is bleeding for you and for the nepali people going through this horror. We all hope and pray that you will manage to get through the next steps. Love from Morten and Karin.


  6. Hi Annette and Thomas, we don’t know each other but i just planned a trip to Nepal next November, i’m so sad about the tragedy, please let me know if i can help you and Nepalese peolpe in any manner

    A big hug from Italy, keep strong!!!



  7. Thanks for letting us know you’re safe. Thinking of you and your wonderful staff and trying to think what we Cando from here. Stay strong!


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