The media coverage of the Nepalese Art scene is so bad that it scares the shit out of me. Last week the blog The Culture Trip posted a story about the best art galleries in Nepal without mentioning the two most important art hubs right now: City Museum Kathmandu & Children’s Art Museum.


RAPE ME: Aditya Aryal’s strong comment to #OccupyBaluwatar.

#OCCUPENCY at City Museum Opened Yesterday

After being a Kathmandu resident for 6 years we’ve finally got an interesting art hub. One with passion and attitude. One with drive and energy. One with art that involves. One that wants to be a part of what’s happening around the world.

#OCCUPY: an expression of conscience that opened yesterday places the Nepalese #OCCUPY/Baluwatar event in the international #OCCUPY movement by documenting it all in tweets, mails, photos, news, posters and new art work by Aditya Aryal aka Sadhu X. Parts are very scarry – other parts “just involving”.


Curator Kashish Das Shrestha in front of Panda – by  Aditya (Idea: Aditya/Kashish). Kashish and his team are behind the most interesting art events in 2014.


The year-end exhibition at the City Museum Kathmandu is an acknowledgement of this spirit, as well as art and art forms that inspires, and is inspired by, it. The exhibition includes original ‘objects of dissent’ from Hong Kong’s #UmbrellaRevolution (2014), from Kathmandu’s #OccupyBaluwatar (December 2012), and documentation of New York’s #OccupyWallStreet (2011).



Poster by Shraddha Shresta


#OCCUPY is the last exhibition at City Art Museum in 2014

Go check it out – and make sure you have time to get all the details.

The exhibition ends on 7 January 2015.




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