A few words about bookings

We do our outmost to get back to people who mail us as fast as possible. We check our mail many times a day and reply immediately (depending on the time of day we receive it).




The electrical situation in Nepal is a challenge. Right now we only get electricity 14 hours pr day – and it will get worse.


A loadshedding scheme – showing when the different areas of Kathmandu have no power

We have decided not to have a generator because it makes too much noise and it smells. Instead we manage to run Tings with batteries. So except for a minute or two when we switch from government electricity to batteries – or when in very rare occations we have problems with an inverter that switches the electricity – but we have backup for them as well, so usually that is solved within minutes  – our electricity and routers works 24/7.


The Nepalese web providers are among the worst we have experienced in the world. They are slow, very expensive and very unstable. Sometimes the providers close down the lines without notice 🙂

We deal with this by having 3 different web connections from two different providers.


A lot of the mails we get are send from other time zones and often arrives in our mailbox in the middle of the night.

Still we manage to get back in reasonable time.

So far we have dealt with all our online MAIL REQUESTS without problems

These precausions have made it possible for us to handle the 6,000 – 8,000 requests we have received since Tings opened without any problems.

But last week we had a problem with a traveller who wanted to stay with us.

We answered his first request as soon as we received it. Same with his second. But because of very adverse circumstances we we’rent able to get back to him with the final confirmation until 8 hours later:

For the first time ever the management were travelling together. We had an appointment in Jampling outside Pokhara, went by car without internet connection and we’rent able to see his booking until we reached our destination.

We could see that the mail had arrived in our mailbox a few minutes after we left Tings – answering his first request was the last thing we did before leaving.

Off course we replied immediately that we had booked the room for him, but later on we got a mail telling that our answer came too late, and he had booked somewhere else.


This post is NOT a BAD excuse

Since we do our outmost to give all travellers as good a service as possible this incident off course makes us very unhappy. But there isn’t anything we can do to changes it.

So instead we use the occasion to highlight a few issues regarding bookings:

  • Nepal is a very difficult country to work in with several hours during the day without electricity and unreliable and slow internet. Still we ALWAYS reply our mails as fast as possible.
    But sometimes we do have minor problems: SO PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE.
  • DO NOT MAKE RESERVATIONS VIA FACEBOOK! Our Facebook page is for fast updates about our being and doings and a very local travel infos.
  • IF YOU ARE VERY IMPATIENT – do NOT Skype us (if we have a situation as the one from last week it wont reach us).CALL US ON OUR LANDLINE: +977 (0) 1 4414497


This incident is the first we have had since we opened – hopefully it wont happen again the next 4 years.


Annette, Dorje & Thomas



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