Travellers on the way to Tings – XMAS

Xmas at Tings

Our Xmas evening at Tings is a 4 year old tradition for our hotel guests that wants to join and a few of our regular guests.

Its a ‘privat’ event which means that we don’t have to close like most other restaurants in town So people stay in the very warm toplounge as long as we want.

We will serve a set menu with classic European dishes in cluding as many classic Xmas dishes as possible), Portugese Charcutterie & Cheeses, lots of items for vegetarians, dessert and cakes.

Except for the items we brought back from Europe ourselves all items are homemade including the Danish classics: Sylte, Blodpølse, various pickles, Red Cabbage and our Wild Boa Roast. We’re working on a X-mas version of our Confit de Chicken. If it works we’ll serve that too. Price is 1,500 NRP (+ VAT) incl welcome Mulled Wine.

Hotel gusets and regulars only!

If you are interested and don’t have other plans contact us.

Annette, Dorje & Thomas


One of our classics: Danish ‘sylte’ – before



Danish ‘sylte’ – ready to serve


— ooo O 000 —

This is how it started:


The days before the 24 December 2011 Thomas played around in the kitchen cooking the usual traditional Xmas dishes. Or as close you get with the local ingredients available. The  pork roast with crispy skin was made from its half brother: the local wild boa. The red cabbage from its white sister with a lot of red wine, huge legs of confit de chicken made it up for the Duck and the traditional Nepalese rice pudding he changed a bit to get a classic ris-a-la-mande like our mother made it. The caramelised potatoes, pickled cucumber, pumpkin etc was easy – the ingredients for that are all easily available on the market.

We ended up having lots of food – far too much for Thomas, Annette and their friends. So it was obvious to put it on the menu for todays special on 24th so guests who hadn’t other plans could join.

We ended up being around 20 people from all over the world eating together on the top floor with the fire wood stove heating up the room beautifully decorated with small presents Annette had bought for everyone and and wrapped in colored Nepali paper. Read the rest of ‘the beginning’ here.

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