We just got one of our best personal achievements EVER


When we arrived in Kathmandu with our plans for Tings back in 2009 all the foreigners living here told us that it would take ages to build and create Tings.

When we told them that our plan was to let our staff handle everything – without our presence – after 1 year we could feel their doubt.

We did start traveling again after a year – without any problems. But it was only a few days ago that we got the proof that we’re really not needed anymore.

It was in in Lise K’s review on Tripadvisor where she writes:

The hotel is run by local staff, originally founded by a Danish couple. They did well in creating the place, but the Nepalese staff running the place now does even better.

We know that – our staff is fantastic – and yes they are much better than us.

BUT we will not stay away – we miss them all when we’re away and we love being at Tings ourselves.

But we promise not to make troubles 🙂

Annette & Thomas

Spiritual Hair Day - Sunny Corner

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