Hello Thomas and Annette,
We hope you are fine in there and we are also fine in here.
From our side we want to say that thank you very much.
We had a nice day.We got such a tasty burger.
We had not got such burger up to now.
We had a tasty potato chief with sauce and cake.
You showed us such a nice children article museum.
It was so nice.We had a very beautiful afternoon.
Today we had such a beautiful day.
We enjoyed a lot.Again we want say that thank you very very much.


From Buddha and  all the children from Lubhoo.


Very spontaneous & and very relaxed afternoon with Kiki and all our kids!

Woke up to this mail from Buddha on behalf of them all in Lubhoo. Our first and oldest friends in Nepal 🙂

We had them all at Tings for our Burger and Cinnamon Buns for lunch and then Art Carnival at Nepal’s Children’s Art Museum



If you haven’t been to the Children’s Art Museum – GO-GO-GO!

And NO – it’s not something we say – it came from the kids when we left tired and light at heart.


Kikis At NAC

They also praised our burgers and cinnamon buns…

and that made us very proud of the Tings team who took my spontaneous ‘order’ the previous afternoon: I’ve invited all the kids for Tings Burger tomorrow? – they will be her at 12   without blinking.

It is 25 Burgers served at the same time! And as everything is home made, the mayo, buns etc had to be made while preparing and serving breakfast for our hotel guests.

Boyzzz with Burgers



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