Bread, Bread, Bread & Bread!

Also I have to add that the food is delicious! I haven’t had home-made bread that tasty in a long time! I am Italian and I must say the pizza was very good.

From an Italian traveler’s review.



I’m not a specialist in the Bible nor specialist in bread. But I know that bread was the main dish at The Last Supper. And that bread has been around since the beginning of time – and I also know why.

It’s easy to make!

First: Its easy to make – actually its so easy to make that you get it everywhere on this planet! It basically only takes flour, water, yeast and salt and sugar (the latter is important in because of the height). And a lot of passion and love. The latter is actually the most important ingredients.

Second: The ingredients are available everywhere – and they are cheap. To big breads cost around 100 NRP to make – maybe 120 NRP. But not more!

So why is bread in Nepal so expensive? And why are the restaurants in Kathmandu so scarce with their bread?

Like in the rest of the world we serve our bread with most of the dishes from our menu. Like the olive oil, parmasan, Heinz or other food accessories that  goes naturally with the dish.

Burger 1

And of course we make the buns for our burgers ourselves. Like the rolls for the Hot Dogs, the Bagels for our Bagel Sandwiches and all other kinds of bread… we can’t afford not to.


We actually make all the things we feel me can make better than the stuff you buy in the supermarket. Like our mayo, pickles, remoulade, roasted crispy onions and other easy stuff. And in winter our rillettes, confits and other dishes for the cold season.


We can’t compete with Heinz 🙂 or all the fantastic jam’s we buy at Farmer’s market.

We’re not bakers or chefs. We just like good food. So when a guest notice the efforts in the kitchen we feel happy- especially when he/she takes the time to write about it.

So after waking up to the warm words fro Italy a couldn’t help writing these words.

Enjoy your dayu.



Bonus info:
Its cheaper to serve bread than the peanuts you get when you order a beer.


2 thoughts on “Bread, Bread, Bread & Bread!

  1. Why do y ou add sugar un bread ?
    I Am OK with you about thé bad quality of ne pâli bread… but y ou kniw y ou have vert good bread on the farmer’s market… expensive for somme of thème, i agréé ;(
    I do my own bread when wheat is able to do et ( usely, during spring time it is not ;(
    I use Akka wheat, water and salt to do my own yeast (totally naturel 😉 and same ingrédients to get bread.
    Like to meet y ou to talk about it !
    All the best


    1. You can get wheat everywhere… ???

      Yeast works differently i various altitudes. The higher you get – the slower…. you can speed up the process by adding sugar (its like fuel)…

      Natural yeast doesn’t work for us.

      We’re currently in Lisbon/Portugal – but would love to meet when we’re bach mid August



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