We have traveled a life time ourselves. BUT we are not experts in running a hotel. We can’t even claim that we know what travelers need. We know what we like and need – and we know there are lots of travelers out there ,who likes what we like. If you are one of them you’ll agree in this statement:

The staff is everything!

A fantastic place run by the wrong staff can spoil the perfect stay.

But the perfect staff in an ordinary place can make your stay the best in your life.



Think about that next time you stay in a hotel in Nepal

Most of the people who work in the hotel industry in Nepal have never stayed in a hotel.

For obvious reasons – they have never traveled. So most people working in the hotels and guest houses actually don’t know how travelers thinks and what they need.

We have no experience in running a hotel!

So we don’t know how to recruit hotel staff, or manage them for that matter 🙂

We follow our hearts and gut feeling.

When we hire people, experience is not so important – skills can be taught. We mainly  focus on two things: Personality and attitude –  things you can only feel or maybe see in peoples eyes. And then we explain them about the Tings-idea and teach them what we find important – to do and to not do.

Our management philosophy is the one we know from our business background. It’s about giving responsibility and treating people with respect. And hard work!


Speaking about Hard Work!

Everybody at Tings work very hard and long hours. That’s why we relax a lot during June-July-August where we’re not as busy as the rest of the year.

Oh – there is one exception. Dashain and Tihar (late September / November)  is the Nepali counterpart to Christmas. Here the Nepali staff takes turns visiting their family for a couple of days.

Those who stay back celebrate the days with good food and playing cards. The picture above is from Dashain 2013.


Meet our lovely boys and girls here.

Or even better: come by and say hello!


Annette & Thomas


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