Our first encounters with the local press were very disappointing

We got a lot of interest when we opened Tings and were flattered when one of the leading dailies called us about an interview, and agreed to do one.

The interview turned out to be a Q & A where we just should answer the question the journalist mailed us and return them. We did… mostly because we were so close to deadline that we would have created troubles if we pulled out.

The ‘story’ was a disaster.

Around the same time we got a call from another leading daily. This time it was about our food – they had heard about Tings Tea Lounge and wanted to feature it.

By then we had lived in Kathmandu for almost 2 years and read a lot of food reviews in the different papers and had a pretty good idea about the quality of the coverage: None of the Nepalese journalists put any perspective into their reviews – to different kitchen traditions, different techniques, different history etc. All the reviews we had read were ‘just’ descriptive, good, positive and harmless.

So when the journalist told us the conditions – that we should pay for dinner and drinks – it was easy for us to say no thanks 🙂

Still a paper reviewed our food – the paper has an ‘incognito’ reviewer who doesn’t introduce him self when he/she orders food. It was a big mystery to us when we heard about it -the week the reviewer had been to Tings had been so quiet that we would have known. When we read the review we recognized the food. It had nothing to do with Tings Lounge food – it was from a private and spontaneous party we had hosted a few days before. A disastrous dinner that peaked when a bottle of rancid and very bad smelling olive oil got on the table.

The review was excellent!!!???

Since then we have always said no to media who wants to write about Tings Tea Lounge and the food. If someone wants to hear our visions and ideas about the things we serve we may rethink.

Sometimes the local press wants to talk with us about our interest in art and culture

If it’s during on of our art events, we usually say no – they are about the art and the artists. Not about us.

It’s not that we don’t want to get interviewed. We have opinions ideas and vision and are more than happy to share. So if the journalists and media are interested to know about that, we’re ready to talk.

Fortunately that have happened a few times – with stories that goes behind, critical views from the journalist etc. But that has mostly been on radio and TV where you have the time to express your thoughts.

Ambience (13)

Still we get a lot coverage in the media

About our exhibitions – about our lovely artists and performers and their beautiful works! And from a journalistic point of view the stories get better and better.

We’re also so fortunate to get a lot of support in foreign media – from journalists on business in Kathmandu staying at Tings. A lot of them have made very good and interesting stories about Tings for papers, magazines and blogs. If your are curious you can read some of the stories here

Are you a journalist on the way to Kathmandu?

We get a lot of requests from journalists going to Nepal asking for help with their research: Contacts to relevant persons, feed back on their ideas and/or help with names and numbers to photographers, editors etc.

We help as much as our time allows us. So don’t hesitate to contact us.



Annette & Thomas

PS. We NEVER do barter deals. So if you are a travel journalist who expects free hosting for a story – don’t call us. We don’t do that.


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