When the kids are OK, the parents feel great

We have a lot of kids visiting us at Tings. Kids that travel with their parents or kids that live in Kathmandu and come by for lunch, dinner or just to relax.

We love it.


Emilie & dressed up Ally & Chily


When you have children around it gives a relaxed ambiance to the place

Specially if the place is as big as Tings with lots of corners, lots of hide a ways and – most important – away from the traffic. The kids have space, and the parents are not worried. Once you leave Lazimpat Road, walk down Nursary Gally and enter the gate to Tings you find yourself in a completely different world where the kids can play – with them self or with Ally & Mickey – our two very child friendly cats.

Places like this are very rare in Kathmandu.


Traveling with our 11 year old daughter it was important for us to stay in a place that feels like home.

We did not get disappointed. 

Katia H. on TripAdvisor


What about the food?

We treat the kids like other human beings. So we do not have special menus for kids. Its much easier to make something special for them – if its possible in the kitchen. But most of the time the kids just wants the food as basic as possible. So we do that.

Most of the kids that stays with us for a longer period always ends in the kitchen with the guys making their own food.


We stayed at Tings while being in Kathmandu for adopting our son. The Staff really maked it a pleasure to stay at Tings. They cooked special food for our son, and even learned us to cook the special food our son liked. 

Marianne G. on TripAdvisor


2013-03-15 08.48.05

TO THE KIDS. Don’t be afraid of Ally & Mickey. If they don’t want to play with you – they just leave. If you leave them alone – they will come to you. Remember – they are Cats 🙂



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