Play Food, Party Food and other foods for fun

Salvatore from Italy plays with the local Wild Boa

Tings Lounge Food is much more than the menu! It’s also Playfood

To most of our guests it’s a big surprise when we announce: Today we make Playfood in the kitchen: Want to join?

What is Playfood?

It is exactly what it says – we play with the food. Try out new things. But instead of following recipes we get professional chefs to play with us.

We are so fortunate to have very good chefs as friends, but also a lot of guests passing through Tings are chefs  – like Sebastian from Argentina who visited us in November 2011 our first chef to play in the kitchen. When Thomas found out that he was a super chef he insisted on playing with him in the kitchen with all the staff and himself (Thomas is not shy).

A new tradition was born.

Since then we have had chefs from Denmark, Mexico, Italy, Argentina, France, Bulgaria end a couple of other countries. And one of the chefs has a salad named after him. That’s our Banko Salad.

Our Playfood events is not ‘just’ fun.

We are NOT chefs – and there are a lot of kitchen ‘tricks’ we don’t know. So when our guests chefs play food with us, our staff learn a lot of valuable things, that even the best Hotel Management schools in Nepal don’t know about. And it adds an extra flavor to the stay for our guests – both the chefs and also those who are so lucky to join the party for dinner.




Another tradition is our X-mas and Puja Dinners

Again something that started up very spontaneously.

We happened to be in Kathmandu the first year Tings were open during Christmas. Some of our guests (with children) asked us what to do and where to go for Christmas Eve and as we couldn’t recommend anything we invited them for X-mas. Since then X-mas dinners have been a tradition at Tings with a mix of hotel guests and ‘out’ guest from Kathmandu joining.

Our X-Mas dinners are very relaxed – especially for kids. And when the kids relax the grown ups have fun.

Christmas menu 2013

And then we do all the parties

We do a lot of in house parties. For business travelers who wants give their local partners a special treat, for Nepali regulars who wants to have a party with international dishes they can’t get elsewhere, for expats who wants a farewell party before leaving Nepal or – like in April 2014 – where we arrange a ‘surprise’ wedding party for our friends from France who wanted to re-marry the Nepali way.

We do all kinds of parties – and we love it.


Wedding Cake


So don’t hesitate to call us if you want to celebrate something – we’re not afraid, so you shouldn’t be. If we don’t think we can make what you want, we just say NO.




Annette & Thomas

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