Right from the beginning we have wanted to make products in the Tings Universe

… or actually before the beginning.

When we started working on the idea of leaving Copenhagen to do something in another country, we we’re playing with the idea of creating – or improving – locally produced handicrafts so it could meet the design and quality we – and like minded- are looking for.

Far too often during our travels we had found products with lots of potential – a potential you could only exploit by either redesigning them or introduce completely new designs – and increase the quality in the making.

That was what we wanted to do. And that’s what we’re doing.


Tings Ting are our products, tingsting.com is our shop

Not a ‘normal shop’ more like a market with various items you normally never find together.

Furniture, fashion, accessories, soaps, jewelry… everything is possible in Tings Ting. The products we will sell in the shop depend on what inspires us to produce, based on the skills and tradition in each of the countries we live in. And on what is possible to make in a quality that is good and consistent.

At Tings in Kathmandu all our products are for show/sale. If you are curious check out our products at the tingsting.com


tingsting website

Annette has played with products and designs since we left Europe. If you want to have an insight in the development from 2009 and onward follow our posts category TingsTing

Soon the tingsting.com will be up and running as a web shop. Until then you can order the products by sending us a mail.


Annette & Thomas

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