About Tings Location in Lazimpat #2

Sawadeekap from Bangkok

This posting was planned to be published a week ago. But due to circumstances outside our control it hasn’t been possible to do before today… and this time from Bangkok.

Thomas & Annette’s favorite places for a drink

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Before we list Thomas & Annette’s favorite places to go out for a drink, let’s make one thing clear:


Nightlife don’t exist. All places close before midnight. And if you find a place to drink after you can be 100% sure that its for prostitutes, stoned back packers, drinkers, dope dealers and bad DJ’s.

So when we want to go out like in the old days we go to Europe, Thailand, Myanmar, India and somewhere else.

That does not mean that people stay at home…  They don’t

There are hundreds of bars, cafes, clubs etc spread all over Kathmandu…  and especially in Thamel.


Thomas & Annette rarely go to Thamel

They find it is too touristic, too expensive and the entertainment just too bad. And after dark the prostitution, begging and cops creates too many depressing vibes.

So why go?

Especially when we have some of the best popular places in less than 15 minutes walk from our door.

If you want to finish the day with a beer or drink on a lively terrace before you return to Tings here are Thomas & Annette’s favorites:

  • Hemmingway – on Radisson Road just 5 minutes walk from Tings. Look up for the sign. It’s on 1st floor and has a wonderful terrace… If you like sports you can watch the cricket, soccer and other international matches on the big screen above the Bar.
  • VooToo and Bhumis are other popular choices – they are both listed in the previous posting about places to eat in Lazimpat.
  • Thomas’ favorite is Jazz Upstairs – he loves that place. Especially in the afternoon rush hours where he can follow the buzzling and chaotic local life in Lazimpat Road from the roof top with the French Embassy’s neat garden as a grotesque background… see more below.

If it’s Friday and you feel like hanging out with the crowd, listening to music etc. Thomas & Annette would suggest you to go to:

  • Jazz Upstairs – only 3 minutes walk from our gate. Exit and turn left and continue until the road ends. Here you turn left again and continue until you reach Lazimpat Road. You find Jazz Upstairs on the top floors of the last building on your right hand side. There are special programs other days as well: Live music Monday (old school rock), Wednesday (Jazz) and Saturday (Jazz/Rock). They serve excellent snacks as well.
  • The Attic: Follow the direction to VooToo BUT pass by AND turn LEFT and follow the road along the wall (on your right hand – it’s the backside of the old Royal Palace). After 100 meter (behind the white Palace) there is a small ‘lane’ to your left – The Attic is at the bottom of that lane.
    This is the #1 place to go out on a Friday night – and the places where the Nepalese Music, movie and related business hang out. They serve food – and its good. BUT its NOT an dining place – the music is too loud. Acoustic music on Wednesday, and ad-hoc screenings and cultural events.
  • House of Music Hip Hop, Reggae, Poetry Slam, Jazz… casual bohemian with a mixed crown of local musicians an international NGO’s.
  • Trisara – the very popular place is just opposite Jazz Upstairs next to the French Embassy (to the right) – only 5 minutes walk from Tings). Thomas & Annette have never tried their food – but they will… soon. Their settings are excellent AND they arrange good parties with doubtful DJ’s and a lot of very happy people… GO!


Like in the previous post about where to go out: These are Thomas & Annette’s favorite places just around the corner at the time of writing.

We only recommend places we KNOW and where Thomas & Annette go frequently. We are sure that there are many other excellent places. But we just don’t know them! Or we haven’t been there yet :-) . 

If things go according to our plans we will post the last of our favorites: The few places Thomas and Annette go when the visti Thamel and other parts of town

All post about restaurants/bars/cafes/entertainment will be categorized in a new Category: Where do Thomas & Annette go out?

Love from Bangkok
Thomas & Annette


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