About Tings Location in Lazimpat #3 – other places Thomas & Annette like to visit!

This post – and the previous two – about our location was initiated by our reviews on Tripadvisor where our location  is the parameter that gets the lowest score among our guests.

People might get this wrong – that our location is bad. It is NOT. It is ranking close to excellent – BUT just the parameter that is ranking lowest 🙂

This post is written on the plane from Bangkok back to Kathmandu – an excellent occasion to go through all the places we will visit the next months. For a snack, a drink or a dinner.

To our big surprise there are several other good places Thomas & Annette visits most of the within 15 minutes walk.


In Baluwatar (15 minutes walk in the complete opposite direction to Thamel, behind the Danish Embassy).

  • White Horse – international crowd, best wine in that part of town. And they know about what they serve.
  • Buzz Cafe & Bar – very nice yard away from the busy road…
  • Roadhouse – there are no reasons to go to Thamel or Jamshikel if you can’t live without Roadhouse – the international Pizza/Cantina. You find one 15 minutes walk from Tings – towards the Russian Embassy.


In Thamel (it takes 15 minutes to walk if you go through Lainchaur – a nice and local shortcut)

As mentioned before: Thomas & Annette don’t like Thamel. Its expensive and most of the places serves lousy food. But the do go there sometimes – either to visit friends OR to eat in one of the few places they like which are:

  • Places – Newly opened by one of Thomas & Annette’s friends Michael and his local partners. Places serves Vegetarian and Vegan dishes with an international touch mixed with the skilled chefs own ideas and inspiration. Don’t get this wrong: But its the foreign involvement that makes this restaurant pop up from the hundreds of restaurants and eateries in Thamel. This is maybe the best restaurant in town at the time of writing.  FAST INTERNET  and free.
  • White Horse -The original wine bar and the ‘mother’ to the one in Baluwatar mentioned above. If you find it you’ll never get away – this little quiet and relaxed oasis hidden away a tiny temple in a small lane is the true pearl of Thamel.
  • Fire & Ice – forget all ther other restaurants that promote themselves with wood oven pizzas… there is one place in Nepal where you get a decent pizza and that is here. End of discussion. It’s located just outside Thamel opposite Garden of Dreams. between 10 and 15 minutes walk from Tings when the road construction is finished in 50 years time.
  • China Sichuan Food Restaurant – Thomas & Annette’s favorite Chinese kitchen since it opened around 2010… and that’s exactly what it is..A kitchen with 8 tables. It’s not on Foursquare and we can’t find links online. So you have to find it yourself. It’s in Jyatha – the road that turns south (left) just before you enter the gate to Thamel when you come from Fire & Ice. 
  • Funky Buddha Bar & Cafe – nice yard/garden. Thomas & Annette go there for lunch or just a coffee/drink. From early evening an on wards the music is too loud to talk..


Direction Naxal – when you reach Northern Wall of the Royal Palace in Lainchaur (after VooToo on your left hand) turn left.

  • Imagodei – a true pearl… and the place you get the best cheese cake in Nepal. Thomas & Annette  tend to forget this hide-away. But every time we remember it and go there we enjoy it a lot. They serve dinner – but we have never tried it. Most of the time we just drink coffe and chill. Own/run by Rachel from Scotland –  read about their kitchen here
  • Tamaslaya – very popular bar/club/lounge among the local upper class. A FANTASTIC bar. Go there for a drink in the bar and get entertained by the night life.
    It’s next door to the legendary Mike’s Breakfast (sorry guys, this is far from what Mike had in mind)
  • Brian’s Grill House – the only true American Diner/Grill in town. The view is spectacular from the spacious roof top terrace. One of Thomas’ personal favorites for a sun downer when he is in that part of town.


Other places Thomas and Annette visit occasionally

  • Cafe Nina – this secret is 20 minutes walk from Tings… but in direction NORTH towards the ring road – opposite the American Embassy BUT hidden away behind Salesway Supermarket. Thomas go there for a beer and the best burger in town. Shh,, don’t tell people.
  • Chez Caroline – you don’t know you’re in Nepal when you sit here for lunch or dinner. Packed with diplomats that can afford the prizes. Definitely worth a visit.
  • Flavor – a Boudha classic.  After 5 years in Nepal thomas & annette still like to go there.


Remember! There are hundreds of good places to eat and drink in Kathmandu. And the best are the ones you find yourselves…:-)




Thomas & Annette


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