About Tings Location in Lazimpat :-)

Mingalabar… or rather Namaste!

In case you don’t know, Tings is surrounded by the best restaurants in Kathmandu… Click on the picture below and see (NOTE: The pictures are far from as good as we want them. As soon as we’re bck in Kathmandu we’ll shoot some ourselves):


Thomas & Annette’s Favorite Places
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You may wonder why I’m sitting in Yangon writing about our Location in Kathmandu.

Because of the full moon yesterday everything has been closed for a couple of days. So we took advantage of the fast internet and spend the time picking up on some of the web sites and networks we haven’t read for a long time. Among them – our TripAdvisor page where we studied how our guests evaluate Tings on the various parameters.

Location is one of Tings most important criteria. So it was a big surprise for us to see that this parameter didn’t get as high ratings as the other…

From our own travels we know that all travelers needs to go Down Town. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stay there. We usually prefer to stay in an area close by, an area less touristic with local life where we can find a couple of bars and restaurants just outside our door. After a long day of sightseeing we prefer to go out close to ‘home’.

To us – Lazimpat (and especially our part of Lazimpat) is the best part of town. And once the construction of Lazimpat Road will be finished this will be the most attractive part of Kathmandu. From our gate it takes 15 minutes to walk to House of Music – one of the few places we like in Thamel (down town). And from 3 – 10 minutes walk you find some of the BEST places to eat, drink and hang out in Kathmandu (in our opinion). And new places are popping up all the time.

When we are at Tings it’s easy to ask us about where we go out. But we’re not there all the time. So just before we left Tings this time we had ‘Restaurants & Bars’ on the agenda at our staff meeting and talked about our favorite restaurants and their food. We have listed the places we visit frequently here.
Each place with a link to the Foursquare map.


Places to eat: Near Tings – Lazimpat Road, North.

  • Kotetsu (Normally 10 minutes walk), Right side of Lazimpat Rd.- Pani Pokhari, opposite Japanese Embassy.Japanese restaurant, expensive, very cozy and lively.
  • Le Sherpa (7 minutes walk) Before Kotetsu – same side. European/Continental, The setting is one of the best in Kathmandu, international stylish and relaxed. This is the most expensive restaurant in town.
  • Saigon Pho (5 minutes walk) – just opposite Hotel Shangri La. Vietnamese, authentic, casual and very popular among foreigners living in Kathmandu. Not expensive.
  • Bhumi Resto Lounge (4 minutes walk) – before Saigon Pho.Up scale Nepali food. Middle price (but cheap for all travelers). Nice and cozy settings – you don’t have to stress.Very popular restaurant among the local upper class. All our guests at Tings like the place… Thomas & Annette’s favorite


Places to eat: Near Tings – Lazimpat Road, South.

  • Vootoo Food Voutique (7 minutes walk) – after Standard Chartered Bank, Roof Top.Nepali food with a personal touch. Popular among the young Jet Set crowd.
  • Radisson Casino (5 minutes walk) Radisson Road, turn left after the Supermarket.HERE YOU CAN EAT AFTER MIDNIGTH (TwentyFourSeven). They serve EXCELLENT Indian Food. You eat and drink for free as long as you gamble.


Places to eat: ‘Just outside our door’,

  • Danish Swirls (1 minutes walk) Boutique Cafe less than 100 meter from Tings…just opposite our gate, down the small lane.Patisserie, Bakery, Sandwich Bar etc. Cup Cakes, Charcuterie etc. Very cozy and very different… Bring your Kids!
  • Sal’s Pizza (2 minutes walk) Just behind Tings, to the left.It has NOTHING to do with pizza!! Their snacks are excellent, try their NanWich. Remember their quiz nights. We Love Sal’s
  • Nepali Chulo (1 minute walk) the big white palace just before you reach Tings. A few words about this place is important.Nepali Chulo is a typically tourist (mostly Chinese) venue, where the guests arrives in buses as part of a prearranged program. Most travelers who stay at Tings find these places ‘very difficult’. It’s very expensive – but price includes Dance Program, set menu (Dal Bath with snacks) and free Raksi. The food is good. Try their Kwati. When we go there, we sit outside on the big terrace.


These are Thomas & Annette’s favorite places just around the corner at the time of writing.

We only recommend places we KNOW and where Thomas & Annette eat at frequently. We are sure that there are many other excellent places to eat. But we just don’t know them! Or we haven’t been there yet :-). 

The coming days we we’ll post lists of 1) where Thomas & Annette go for a drink/entertainment/etc within 15 minutes walk from Tings and 2) Other places in town.

All post about restaurants/bars/cafes/entertainment will be categorized in a new Category: Where do Thomas & Annette go out?


Love from Yangon,

Thomas & Annette