Tings Garden this morning (This one is for Hans)


Sawadeekap from Bangkok

We have a short evening in Bangkok on our way to Yangon where we continue our house hunt (for Tings Yangon).

Annette has a girls night out and I have been ‘baby-sitted’ by Hans (from Carlsberg), his girlfriend (from Singha) and two of their friends.

During our dinner Hans wanted to show his friends some pictures from Tings in Kathmandu from his iPad – what I saw on the screen was far from the pictures i have printed on my mind – the beautiful colors from this morning before we left Kathmandu.

Fortunately Annette took a lot of photos – so while she is gossiping and having food massage I have ripped here camera and made this little slide show for Hans (with a HUGE tank you for dinner).

Hop you’ll get an idea of the fragrances…




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