We wish it was… but Suri belongs to our friend Ashley – one of our regular guests. Ashley is returning to NYC and asked us if we wanted one more cat.

Unfortunately we can’t take this little beauty… as many of you know we already have 3. Instead we promised to ask around – maybe one of our local friends can help.

Suri #1


I am looking for a good home for my adorable 2 year old Nepali tiger cat, Suri.

Suri is the most playful cat I’ve ever met. She loves people and, in many ways, she is more like a puppy than a cat. She fetches her toy mouse and comes when she is called (most of the time). She thrives on a lot of love and attention and needs access to the outdoors- a safe space away from the road.

I’m brokenhearted about giving her up, but I’m returning to the US and to a small apartment in NYC and I know Suri would not be happy being cooped up all day by herself while I am at work.

I can be reached at or by phone 9808499316



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