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Dummy only – venues and names will be published shortly!!!


This project is very close to our hearts. It’s about music and film… and of course people!

Our friend Torsten is coming back to Kathmandu.

Last time he got involved in KIMFF where he did a workshop and took two Nepalese movies with him back to Copenhagen where he arranged the biggest Event for Nepalese Culture Ever…

We suggested Torsten to bring a couple of the Music Films he showed at the latest and very successful International Music Film Festival that just finished in Copenhagen. The idea was to show a couple of Thomas favorite first at Tings Films that have never been shown i Kathmandu before…

What happened after Torsten’s and Thomas’ first skyping nobody really knows. And who cares when you have a program that involves at least 10 venues all over Kathmandu, with Music Fims that have never been shown in Nepal before, workshops, live music and a lot of other stuff… things are developing by the hour.

The amazing thing is that the festival is developed in less than two month… something that is very unusual in Nepal and something that has only been possible because of the dedication and passion from all involved.

And visionary support from one of our favorite suppliers Tuborg who is working hard setting this up, ECS and a lot of dedicated friends!

To all involved until now and all involved the next weeks… KICK A***!

To all music lovers out there…  prepare your self for some really goodies. If you like what we show JUST WAIT FOR 2014!!!  WE ARE AMBITIOUS

The program will be published shortly

Stay tuned – information will be posted hourly on Facebook.




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