6 am – When I came down in the kitchen for my morning coffee Arman told me that the bread was all ready in the oven… One of our guests wanted to help making bread.

7 am – friend and regular guest checked out after 10 days… Looking forward to come back she said before leaving.

8 am – another guest (who arrived the previous afternoon checked out 2 days before planned. He wanted a room with TV and better internet (we have the best connections for 3 different providers!) – strangely enough I had a talk with him the night before about TV –  we both agreed that TV is the root to a lot of eval ignorance among people…

9 am – Another guest told Annette about their wonderful sleep, how fantastic breakfast the kitchen makes (the omelet was the best ever) and how beautiful the garden is…

10 am – a 3rd guests knocked on our door – he just wanted to thank us for everything… he was off for his 10 days BC trekking. But I’ll be back!  




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