I miss playing in the kitchen… ;-/

After 2 weeks travelling in Myanmar and Thailand I’m desperate!

The first thing that came to my mind this when I woke up a couple of hours ago was playing in our kitchen with the boys…

Got two recipes I HAVE TO INTRODUCE..

One of them is this beauty I got yesterday.




… it’s NOT complicated. It’s simple – And that’s what I love. The challenge is to get a good Mozzarella and a huge tasty and juicy tomato – but we’ll solve that 🙂

And NO this is NOT a side dish – it’s a good lunch whet its served with good bread and a good olive oil.

And YES. Mozzarella is expensive – but we don’t care.

The other dish I have to try out is something with potatoes roasted in coconut milk… I have an idea about pimping it up our own homemade sun dried tomatoes… I’ll find out if it works.

Finally I’ll make a wall nut bread!!!

Looking forward to be back on tomorrow Evening


Thomas, Bangkok

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