More coincidences or…

The day before we left Kathmandu for Myanmar Annette finished a Thriller by a Danish writer a guests had swap’ed at Tings.

The Nepal Airline plane to Bangkok is always late so we kill time working in the lounge.

This time Annette got a surprise. The first message that popped up when she opened her laptop was a message from Lene – the author of the book she finished less than 10 hours before?.

As Annette didn’t know her personally she was rather surprised – how could she know that Annette had just read her book?

Of course she didn’t.

Lene was writing us because she needed help.

Her niece was on holiday in Nepal with a friend ‘doing the Annapurna’, when both got some heavy infections and had to be brought to the hospital in Pokhara.

Their medical needs were taken good care of by the insurance company and the hospital. But the girl’s families wanted to do something to encourage them and make them feel less alone.




As we were in Kathmandu Airport on our way to Yangon going to Pokhara was out of the question. Instead we called Dorjee – who’s family lives in the Tibetan community outside Pokhara – and told her about the girls situation.

Dorjee acted fast.

A couple of hours later her sister Tsering Yngzom visited the two girls at the hospital  bringing international magazines and fruits – and of course BIG hugs from Lene.


Right now I killed time here in Yangon checking friends FB updates…. among them photos from the hospital posted by Tsering and Shared by Dorjee…

As you can see – despite the very bad infection in Maria’s food, they all look happy……




And how did Lene get hold of Annette.

Well – she posted her concerns on her FB wall and asked for help. Our common friend Anette Vestergaard read it and shared our contact infos.

Amazing how fast warm thoughts can cross borders, languages & cultures and turn into good actions … 🙂


/Thomas from Yangon


2 thoughts on “More coincidences or…

  1. CODA – a follow up to my posting yesterday about circles.

    Except from the Old classics I only rarely read literature by Danish writers. And in my whole life I’ve only read two thrillers by Danish female writers. One by Pierre Andrézel and one by Lene…

    Small world,



  2. Annette is awake… she just told me that one of the girls has returned to Denmark and the other finishing her trek aroun Annapurna…


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