Grown-Up-Kids & Grown Ups with Kids – THIS SHOW IS A MUST!!!



When Thomas went to the Start Up Weekend last month he met Shishir Sharma who is involved in different projects in town – among them Circus Kathmandu the social circus project and training program Sapana who offers a safe and supportive environment for marginalized and at-risk children and young people to explore their creativity and develop circus and theater skills.




Sapana opens their new show Swatgatam this Friday and Saturday the 14th and 15th March.

Shishir wants us to sell tickets for the show. But we can’t handle that…. we’re understaffed and too busy.

BUT we’ll try to help in other ways… So we’ll go ourselves – and bring a long all our kids from Kiki’s….

If you’re in town bring your kid to the party. If you don’t have kids borrow one 🙂

Get more info on Swatgatam’s Facebook Page

See you there



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